About SNOW

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SNOW has been Singapore's leading manufacturer of PVC piping systems for over 40 Years

Over the years, SNOW has gain recognition to be an approved brand for HDB Building projects. SNOW provides products for both residential and commercial building markets, in new build and renovation segments, as well as a wide range of solutions for public utility applications.

In 2015, SNOW became part of the Aliaxis Group, a global leader in the manufacturing of plastics pipes and fittings systems. Aliaxis is present in over 40 countries, has more than 100 manufacturing and commercial entities and employs more than 15,700 people.

When you choose SNOW, you can be confident that all your piping materials are designed, built and backed by one company, one supplier to stand behind you and your complete system.

About Aliaxis


The Aliaxis Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of primarily plastic fluid handling systems used in residential and commercial construction, as well as in industrial and public infrastructure applications.

Our brands have strong identity and are firmly established in the markets they serve. Aliaxis is present in over 40 countries, has more than 100 manufacturing and commercial entities and employs 15.700 people. In addition to the well-established markets of Europe and North America, we have operations in Latin America, Australasia and Asia.

We leverage our local and global knowledge of the industry, regulations and building habits to provide consistently excellent customer service through our distribution partners to building installers, infrastructure contractors and others. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its local people, balanced with the strengths, know-how and international reach of the Group, we continue to develop and improve our positions in key building and industrial applications throughout the world.

Aliaxis Utilities & Industry has been settled as a specific solution provider worldwide, gathering together the expertise of strong brands in industrial pipe systems, electrofusion and engineered products.

For more information about Aliaxis Group, visit www.aliaxis.com.

For more information about the Aliaxis Singapore, visit www.aliaxis.sg.

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