About Snow

Company Profile

SNOW has been Singapore's leading manufacturer of PVC piping systems for over 40 Years

Over the years, SNOW has gain recognition to be an approved brand for HDB Building projects. SNOW provides products for both residential and commercial building markets, in new build and renovation segments, as well as a wide range of solutions for public utility applications.

In 2020, SNOW became part of the China Lesso Group (Stock Name: China Lesso, Stock Code: 02128.HK), a large industrial group of home furnishings and building materials in China. China Lesso offers products, services and channels involving piping, building materials and home furnishings, environmental protection, and modern agriculture.

With the rapid development of internationalization and globalization, China Lesso boasts more than 80 holding subsidiaries and more than 23 production bases distributed in 17 provinces across China, and in Canada and Indonesia. China Lesso remains committed to improving its strategic layout, broadening its sales network and expanding the market. This is how it provides products and services for customers in a timely and efficient way.

When you choose SNOW, you can be confident that all your piping materials are designed, built and backed by one company, one supplier to stand behind you and your complete system.