• About SNOW

    SNOW has been Singapore's leading manufacturer of PVC piping systems for over 40 Years


Buildings and infrastructure are our core activities, and we offer a comprehensive range of quality products and solutions for each of these segments. We offer high-quality, cost-effective drainage systems for use above and below ground. We also provide surface drainage channels for residential and commercial applications.

Soil, Waste & Vent Drainage System

Complies with SS213, BS4514, BS5255 & AS/NZS 1260

Double Locking System

Complies with SS213, BS4514, BS5255 & AS/NZS 1260

Underground Sewage & Rainwater Drainage System

Complies with SS272, BS4660, BS5481 & AS/NZS 1260

Pressure Piping System

 Complies with SS141, SS174, BS3505, BS4346 & AS/NZS 1477

Upgrading & System Accessories

Complies with SS213, BS4514, BS5255, AS/NZS 1260, JIS K6741, JIS K6739 & JIS K6743

JIS & Infrastructure Piping System

 Complies with Class VP (AW), Class VU (AE) - JIS K6741, JIS K6739 & JIS K6743, SS141 (Class B) : 1983 & SS272 : 1983

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